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Girdhar Dan Ratnu

Witness the resonance of Dingal poetry through the eyes of Girdhar Dan Ratnoo, a beacon of Rajasthani culture, as he explores Dingal Rasawal Kavya Sangrah with profound curiosity.

Former Minister of State for Colonization of Rajasthan

Bhanwar Singh Bhati

Minister Bhanwar Singh Bhati immerses himself in Dingal Rasawal Kavya Sangrah, finding inspiration and wisdom within its pages.


Mahesha Ram

An ode to the cultural richness of Rajasthan! Mahesha Ram, the revered singer and veena bhajan artist, discovers the lyrical beauty of Dingal Rasawal Kavya Sangrah.


Dr. Gajadan Charan

Journey into the heart of Dingal poetry with Dr. Gajadan Charan 'Shaktisut', Associate Professor and Chairman of the Hindi Department at Government College, Sujangarh, as he delves into Dingal Rasawal Kavya Sangrah with unwavering fascination.