Dingal Rasawal

Where Rajasthani Heritage Thrives!

Dingal Rasawal Shodh Sansthan is a beacon for Rajasthani culture, preserving and promoting its rich tapestry of Dingle poetry, folk art, music, and traditions. Led by the visionary Shri Deep Singh Bhati, our mission is to celebrate Rajasthan's unique heritage on a global stage.

We strive to:

  • Revive and honor the Dingle poetry style and Rajasthani folk art.
  • Share captivating stories – folklore, historical accounts, and captivating tales passed down through generations.
  • Bring Rajasthan's cultural brilliance to the world stage, showcasing its disappearing gems.
  • Nurture upcoming talents by providing a platform for poets, artists, and Veena Bhajan singers.
  • Bridge the gap between literature, art, and historical facts, fostering a deeper understanding.
  • Inspire national pride and global unity through cultural and literary expressions.
  • Establish educational institutions dedicated to preserving and propagating Dingle poetry, folk music, and storytelling.
  • Commemorate unsung heroes – the brave souls, folk deities, and martyrs who shaped our nation's narrative.
  • Safeguard Rajasthan's heritage through films, dramas, poetry, videos, and talks.
  • Empower the next generation by instilling values of clean traditions, dignity, and righteous conduct, eradicating social evils.

Beyond Preservation: Engaging the World

We're not just about archiving the past. We actively cultivate interest through our vibrant YouTube channel, डिंगल रसावल. Here, you'll find:

  • In-depth research on Rajasthan's art, culture, literature, and historical treasures, presented in captivating videos.
  • Visually stunning footage of historical sites, cultural performances, and traditional activities.
  • Educational and engaging content on Instagram, fostering a passionate online community.

Our Publications: Bringing Stories to Life

Visit our website to discover a treasure trove of books in Hindi, featuring:

  • Captivating tales – historical biographies, legends, and folklore passed down through generations.
  • Stories of warriors, great personalities, and legendary leaders who shaped Rajasthan's history.

Join us on this extraordinary journey to celebrate the enduring spirit of Rajasthan!

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