Deep singh bhati

The Man Behind डिंगल रसावल 

Shri Deep Singh Bhati, affectionately known as Deep, is a pillar of Dingal Rasawal literature, a vibrant and vanishing art form of Rajasthan. Driven by a deep passion for preserving this rich cultural heritage, Shri Deep Singh has dedicated his life to promoting and nurturing Dingal Rasawal poetry and folk traditions. 

A Scholar and an Educator

A highly accomplished scholar, Shri Deep Singh holds a Master's degree in Hindi Literature and Education. He currently serves as a Lecturer of Hindi and Panchayat Elementary Education Officer (PEEO) at Sanau (Chauhtan) Barmer, Rajasthan, inspiring countless students with his knowledge and enthusiasm.


A prolific writer and poet, Shri Deep Singh has authored several acclaimed works, including:

Championing Dingal Rasawal

Dingal RasawalBeyond his written works, Shri Deep Singh's commitment to Dingal Rasawal extends far and wide.  He is the driving force behind the highly popular YouTube channel "Dingal Rasawal," a platform dedicated to showcasing Dingal poetry, folk culture, and historical and literary treasures.  With over 890 uploaded videos, 2.06 lakh subscribers, and 3.70 crore+ views, this channel has become a vital resource for anyone interested in this unique cultural expression.  

Recognized for Excellence

Shri Deep Singh's dedication has not gone unnoticed. He is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards, including:

  • Jodhpur Divisional Level Excellent Teacher Award 2018

  • District Level Teacher Excellence Awards (2013, 2016, 2022)

  • Block Level Teacher Excellence Award 2019

  • Subdivision Level Award 2005

  • "Kavi Tulsi Samman" 2019 by Youth Sahitya Parishad Barmer

  • Recognized at Rajasthani Literature Festival 'Adaval' Udaipur 2019

  • Self. Sohandan Ji Singhdhaich Rajasthani Dingle Poetry Award 2020

  • Jasdhari Goran Dhay Tak Samman 2021

  • Uday Kamal Sahitya Sangam Academy Jodhpur

  • Honored at Thar Mahotsav 2022

  • District Level Excellence on Teacher's Day 2023

Beyond Dingal Rasawal

Shri Deep Singh's commitment extends beyond Dingal Rasawal. He has served as the District Cultural Coordinator for National Festivals in Barmer (Rajasthan) for the past 12 years, actively promoting cultural awareness. For two decades, his poetry readings have graced the airwaves of All India Radio and Doordarshan. He is a strong advocate for public awareness, having actively participated in campaigns for Covid-19 prevention, voter awareness, and village administration.


 A Legacy of Passion and Preservation

Shri Deep Singh Bhati is a true champion of Dingle Rasaval. Through his scholarship, writing, YouTube channel, and unwavering dedication, he ensures the legacy of this rich cultural heritage continues to inspire future generations.

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